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London Auctions offers an off-site auction and estate sales service in London, Surrey and the rest of the UK. This service is ideal for the sale of contents of very large properties, businesses and other organisations. Our team would organise an auction to take places from the property or premises in question. These sorts of sales have their benefits and can maximise your returns at auction.

Off Site Auctions

Off Site Auctions are beneficial in situations where a business or organisation is looking to sell the contents of their premises or a large number of unwanted items from their premises. Examples of where we might suggest an off-site auction are:

  • Liquidation Sales
  • Large Clearance Sales
  • Closing Down Sales
  • The Sale of Plant & Machinery
  • Factory Clearance
  • Warehouse Clearance
  • Shop Clearance
  • Office/HQ Clearance
  • The Sale of Stock as One Lot

Benefits of an off-site auction include:

  • No Transportation or Storage Costs
  • Allows bidders the chance to see items in a staged environment.
  • Allows plant and machinery to be seen by bidders in a working environment.

Estate Sales

Estate Sales are beneficial when the entire contents of a large property are to be sold at auction. London Auctions are able to organise estate sales throughout London, Surrey and the rest of the UK. Estate Sales are usually recommended when the contents of a large country estate need to be sold. Whether this be in a probate situation or even if a vendor is downsizing or moving abroad.


Benefits of an Estate Sale include:


  • No hefty transportation costs.
  • No storage charges.
  • Allows bidders to view items in a homely environment.
  • Higher prices achieved.
  • Maximises proceeds of the sale

Premium Comprehensive Service

At London Auctions we recognize the expectations of our clients for a premium service, and that’s precisely what we deliver. Every job we undertake is different and therefore the service we offered needs to be tailored to suit each individual customers need.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring excellent customer service. We are committed to providing the attention and care you deserve throughout the estate sales process.

London Auctions if the perfect partner for clients seeking expertise, professionalism, and convenience in managing estate sales & off-site auctions in the UK.

Additional Estate Sale services we are able to offer include:

Probate House Clearance

Experts in Probate House Clearance, we oversee the entire process, from the initial probate valuation to organising the sale of contents and disposal of unsaleable goods via our House Clearance Service.

Our first step always involves recommending a thorough probate valuation. Our team can attend the property, compiling a comprehensive list of items with saleable value for auction. Our transparent fees are tailored to the property’s size. The end result of our Probate Valuation Service is a detailed report on official letterhead, ready to be forwarded to your solicitor. We stay abreast of current market trends and prices meaning our valuations are always extremely accurate. Any valuable items identified during the valuation can be sold in the estate sale.

Following the initial probate valuation, we are able to start organising the saleable goods for auction. With a commitment to prompt and professional service, we now offer additional sundry services, including transporting goods between family and friends, shipping items abroad, a post-house clearance cleaning service, and a staging service for properties entering the market. Our track record boasts hundreds of satisfied House Clearance Customers, and you can explore reviews and references [here](insert link). Trust London Auctions for a comprehensive and expertly managed Probate House Clearance experience or estate sale in London & Surrey.


What is an off-site auction or estate sale?

An off-site auction or estate sale refers to the process of selling personal property, typically from a residence or other location, rather than at a traditional auction house. This can include the entire contents of a home or specific items offered for sale. This service is also used with large scale business closure sales, liquidation sales etc.

How do I arrange an off-site auction or estate sale with London Auctions?

To arrange an off-site auction or estate sale with London Auctions, simply contact our team through our website or give us a call. We'll guide you through the process, discuss your specific needs, and schedule a convenient appointment to assess and plan the sale.

What items can be included in an off-site auction or estate sale?

Off-site auctions and estate sales can include a wide range of items, such as furniture, antiques, collectibles, jewellery, artwork, and more. Our team of specialists can help identify valuable items and guide you on the best approach for selling.

How does the valuation process work for off-site auctions/estate sales?

Our experienced team conducts a thorough valuation of the items you intend to include in the sale. The valuation process for estate sales is the same as our usual valuation process. Factors such as rarity, condition, and market demand are considered to provide an accurate assessment. This valuation helps in determining the starting prices for items in the auction.

How are off-site auctions/estate sales promoted to potential buyers?

London Auctions employs professional marketing strategies to promote off-site auctions and estate sales. This includes targeted advertising, online promotion, and outreach to our network of collectors and buyers, ensuring maximum visibility for your items.

What fees are associated with off-site auctions/estate sales?

Fees for off-site auctions and estate sales are determined based on various factors, including the scope of the sale, the type of items included, and the services required. Our team will provide a clear breakdown of all fees during the consultation phase. A benefit of these types of sale is that no transportation of goods to our auction house is required. This offers a substantial saving especially where large amounts of goods are involved.

How long does the process take from planning to completion of the off-site auction/estate sale?

The timeline for off-site auctions and estate sales varies based on the size and complexity of the sale. Our team will provide a realistic timeline during the planning phase, ensuring transparency and effective coordination.

What steps should I take to initiate an off-site auction or estate sale with London Auctions?

To get started, contact us through our website or give us a call. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps, schedule an initial assessment, and work with you to create a plan for your off-site auction or estate sale with London Auctions. Typically, off site auctions and estate sales take a little bit longer to organise.

Areas that we regularly visit and work in include:

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