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Welcome to London Auctions Handbags & Luxury Goods Department

Welcome to London Auctions Handbags & Luxury Goods, your premier destination for the sale or acquisition of high-end accessories and luxurious items in London & Surrey. Each month, our auctions feature a diverse selection of handbags, accessories, and luxury goods. From iconic designer pieces to vintage classics.

Why choose London Auctions to sell your luxury items?

  1. Expertise at Your Service: Our auction team collaborates closely with independent specialists in the realm of designer handbags and other goods. While our team can assess most items, we always have dedicated experts available for unique and high-end pieces.
  2. Smooth Transactions, Fair Returns: Enjoy seamless transactions with our competitive commission rates. From initial estimates to organising dispatch, we handle the entire process, ensuring a straightforward experience for sellers and buyers alike.
  3. Global Connections with Luxury Collectors & Enthusiasts: Leverage our extensive network of luxury enthusiasts worldwide. Your handbags and luxury goods will be showcased to a continually expanding audience in our online auctions, maximizing the potential for an impressive sale.
  4. Transparent Updates, No Surprises: Stay well-informed at every stage – from initial estimates to post-sale advice. Clear updates throughout the process ensure transparency and keep you informed about all developments.
  5. Swift Payments, No Waiting Around: Recognizing the need for prompt transactions, funds are typically transferred within 7 working days post a successful auction. We prioritize efficiency and simplicity throughout the auction process.


To sell your luxury handbags and goods with London Auctions, simply fill out our online enquiry form or give us a call. Schedule a convenient appointment for a initial assessment of your items, either at our location or yours. Our team guarantees a fair and precise valuation aligned with the current trends in the luxury market.

What types of Luxury Goods sell well at London auctions?

In our auctions, luxury goods are consistently sought after, and certain types of items regularly exceed their estimated values. The categories that perform exceptionally well include:


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What kinds of Luxury Handbags and Goods command attention at London auctions?

Items by well-known and desirable brands always sell well. Handbags, Accessories, Leather Goods, Pens plus much more.

What condition should my luxury items be in for auction?

Emphasis is placed on impeccable condition, items in top-notch shape command a premium. While items in need of minor attention may be considered, we maintain transparency by reflecting potential restoration needs in reserves.

How can I ensure I receive a fair price for my luxury items and handbags at auction?

Our valuation team, armed with market knowledge and industry expertise, guarantees a fair and precise appraisal. The extensive reach of our bidder database ensures maximum exposure during auctions.

What fees accompany the sale of Luxury items through London Auctions?

Our standard commission is 18% plus VAT, with an additional layer of transparency in the form of a reasonable lotting fee ranging between £1.50 and £10 + VAT.

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