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Welcome to the London Auctions Autographs and Ephemera Department

London Auctions offers the perfect solution for selling autographs and ephemera in London and Surrey. We regularly sell ephemera and autograph lots in our monthly auctions. In recent months we have sold all sorts of lots including a set of early Beatles Autographs, Wartime Ephemera Collections, Vintage Magazines plus much more.

Unlock the potential value of your ephemera and autograph collection with our valuation team. We provide prompt and complimentary estimates via email or in person during our regular valuation days. Benefit from the expertise of our experienced team, leveraging accurate market trends and knowledge to estimate the auction value of your collection. For a free estimate and initial guidance, reach out to us today.

What kind of ephemera and autographs sell well at London Auctions?

1. Historical Documents:
Autographed letters, manuscripts, and historical documents from notable figures in politics, science, literature, and other fields.
2. Celebrity Autographs:
Autographs of famous actors, musicians, sports figures, and other celebrities, especially from iconic moments in their careers.
3. Literary Signatures:
Autographs of renowned authors on books, letters, or manuscripts, particularly from classic and influential literary figures.
4. Political Memorabilia:
Autographs and ephemera related to political figures, including signed photographs, campaign materials, and historical documents.
5. Entertainment Memorabilia:
Autographs and ephemera from the entertainment industry, including movie scripts, signed posters, and memorabilia from iconic events.
6. Sports Autographs:
Signatures of athletes on sports memorabilia such as jerseys, baseballs, trading cards, and equipment.
7. Music Memorabilia:
Autographs and ephemera from musicians, including signed albums, concert posters, and related memorabilia.
8. Royal and Noble Signatures:
Autographs and ephemera associated with royalty, aristocracy, and historical figures from noble families.
9. Scientific and Inventor Autographs:
Signatures and documents from scientists, inventors, and pioneers in various fields of science and technology.
10. Artistic Signatures:
Autographs from renowned artists on artwork, sketches, or letters, adding a personal touch to their creative legacy.
11. Space and Exploration Memorabilia:
Autographs and ephemera related to space exploration, including signatures of astronauts and items from historic space missions.
12. Pop Culture Ephemera:
Collectibles tied to pop culture phenomena, including autographs and ephemera from influential moments in music, film, and television.
13. Historical Events Ephemera:
Items related to significant historical events, such as autographs on newspapers, posters, or artifacts from pivotal moments.
14. Unique and Uncommon Items:
Unusual or rare autographs and ephemera that stand out, capturing the interest of collectors looking for distinctive pieces.


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What types of autographs and ephemera does London Auctions sell at auction?

London Auctions regularly sell autographs, sometimes individual autographs, sometimes autograph books or signed memorabilia. We also sell lots of ephemera, items of significance we sell as individual pieces.

How do I enter ephemera and autographs into a London Auctions sale?

Consigning your autographs and ephemera is easy. Get in touch with one of our team for a free valuation. If you wish to go ahead with entering items into a sale, they just need to be either dropped off or shipped to our warehouse. For larger collections we can arrange a collection.

How much does it cost to sell ephemera and autographs at London Auctions?

We charge a flat commission of 18% plus VAT for selling art in our auctions making us one of London & Surreys best options for selling at auction.

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