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Welcome to London Auctions Comic Books Department!

Welcome to London Auctions Comic Books. We regularly sell comic books on behalf of vendors. Expect a varied selection of comic books every month, from single rare issues and editions to large collections sold as one lot! Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with current comic books at London Auctions!

Why should I sell my comic book collection through London Auctions?

  1. Global Audience: London Auctions offers vendors a platform with global reach, connecting your comic book collection to a large audience of collectors. This ensures that your collection is seen by individuals actively seeking specific titles or editions which gives your collection the conditions required to sell for its true value!
  2. Expert Valuation and Accurate Pricing: Benefit from our valuation team who carefully assess the rarity, condition, and market demand for your comic book collection. This maximises the potential for competitive bidding and optimal financial returns.
  3. Transparent and Efficient Process: London Auctions communicates every stage of the auction process. You will get updates pre-sale, post-sale, post statement and then once more when the auction proceeds are on the way to you.
  4. Customized Selling Options: Whether you have individual rare issues or an entire collection, London Auctions offers flexibility in selling options. Tailor your approach to meet your specific preferences, allowing you to sell items individually or as a larger collection. We will always advise on which method we believe will enhance the collections value the most.
  5. Professional Marketing: Take advantage of our professional marketing strategies, your comic books benefit from exposure through various channels, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers who trust and engage with our established auction platform.


For free initial advice on selling your comic book collection with London Auctions get in touch by either completing our contact us form or by phoning us today! We are happy to give an initial estimate via email after seeing photographs. It may be necessary to arrange for us to see the collection in person.

The success of the sale of comic book collection at London Auctions depends on a number of factors including condition, rarity and the size of the collection. Here are some categories of comic books that often exceed their initial estimates at auction:

  1. Key Issues and First Appearances: Comic books featuring key issues, such as the first appearance of a significant character or a milestone event, are highly sought after by collectors. Examples include Action Comics #1 (first appearance of Superman) or Amazing Fantasy #15 (first appearance of Spider-Man).
  2. Golden Age and Silver Age Comics: Golden Age (1938-1956) and Silver Age (1956-c1970) comics, especially those in good condition, are always popular among collectors.
  3. Limited Editions and Variant Covers: Limited edition releases and variant covers, often featuring unique artwork or exclusive content are attractive to collectors.
  4. Graded and Signed Comics: Professionally graded comics or comics with signatures from creators or artists add significant value to any collection.
  5. Complete Runs and Story Arcs: Comic book runs that comprise entire story arcs or series are desirable to collectors. Selling complete runs or story arcs as a set can be appealing to buyers at London Auctions.
  6. First Editions and Early Prints: First editions and early printings of popular titles hold value, especially if condition is good.
  7. Crossover Events and Major Storylines: Comics featuring crossover events or major storylines that have had a significant impact on a character or the overall comic book universe can attract interest from collectors at auction.
  8. Independent and Small Press Comics: Unique and rare independent or small press comics often sell well. Mainly due to the fact that they rarely come up for sale at auction.
  9. Iconic Cover Art: Comic books with iconic cover art by well-known artists often sell very well at auction.


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Why should I sell my comic books through London Auctions?

London Auctions provides a global platform with a diverse audience of collectors. Our expert team ensures accurate valuations, transparent processes, and effective marketing strategies, maximizing the potential for competitive bidding and optimal financial returns.

What types of comic books does London Auctions accept?

We accept a wide range of comic books, including vintage editions, key issues, graphic novels, rare titles, limited editions, and signed copies. Whether you have individual issues or entire collections, we can help.

How is the valuation process conducted for comic books?

Our valuation team use knowledge of the auction market to apply accurate valuations to individual items and collections. We will offer advice as to the best way of splitting up a collection in order to achieve maximum returns at auction.

Can I sell individual comic books or only entire collections?

As above, London Auctions offers flexibility, allowing you to sell individual comic books or entire collections. We will always offer advice as to the best way to go about selling your comic book collection at auction.

How long does the auction process take?

Usually, we can offer a turnaround time from collection to pay-out of approximately one month. Sometimes this will be slightly longer if we think your collection is best off in a specialist sale.

How are comic books marketed to potential buyers?

London Auctions invests in professional marketing strategies to promote our auctions. Your comic books benefit from exposure through various channels, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers who actively engage with our established auction platform.

What fees are associated with selling comic books through London Auctions?

Our standard commission fee is applied to the final sale price of your comic books. We provide a transparent breakdown of all applicable fees before and after the auction.

How can I track the progress of my comic book collection during the auction?

London Auctions provides regular updates on the auction progress, bid activity, and any relevant developments. Our goal is to keep you well-informed at every stage, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

How do I get started with selling my comic books at London Auctions?

To initiate the selling process, simply fill out our online enquiry form or contact us directly. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps, answer any questions you may have, and provide the support needed to successfully consign your comic book collection with London Auctions.

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