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At London Auctions we regularly achieve great prices for books. From Modern First Editions to antiquarian books, maps & manuscripts.  Every month we have a good selection on offer. For book collectors, enthusiasts and dealers we recommend signing up to our mailing list to ensure you never miss out!

London Auctions offers the perfect channel to sell books on behalf of vendors. Whether you have a library’s worth of books you wish to part with or just a small collection of individual books, we can help. Our valuation team offers fast and free estimates via email or in person at one of our valuation days.  Our experience of market trends and access to a database of previously realised prices mean that our valuations on books for auction are an accurate representation of what they would achieve. If you are happy with initial estimates, then we can enter your books into one of our upcoming auctions.

What kind of books sell well at London Auctions?

Top sellers in our book department Include:

At London Auctions, a diverse range of books finds enthusiastic buyers, and various genres and categories can perform well at auctions. Here are some types of books that often attract interest and perform successfully:

  1. Rare First Editions: Collectors often seek out rare first editions of classic and popular titles.
  2. Antique and Vintage Books:
  3. Signed or Limited Editions: Books autographed by the author or part of a limited edition can command higher prices.
  4. Specialist Books Books focusing on specific niche subjects, whether it’s a rare scientific publication, a specific historical period, or a niche area of interest.
  5. Find Bindings Books with finely crafted and decorative bindings.
  6. Travel and Exploration Books: Antique travel books or those documenting historical explorations can be of interest to collectors.
  7. Antique Maps & Manuscripts Forever popular and sought after by collectors.
  8. Modern First Editions: First editions of more recent books, especially those by contemporary and popular authors
  9. Renowned Publishers Good quality books by renowned publishers such as Folio Society always command strong prices at auction. Bidders appreciate the quality and workmanship that goes into books like these.


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What types of books does London Auctions accept for consignment?

London Auctions welcomes a wide range of books, including rare first editions, vintage and antique books, signed or limited editions, illustrated books, fine bindings, and books on specialist subjects. Contact us to discuss your specific collection.

How do I consign my books to a London Auctions sale?

Consigning your books is a straightforward process. Fill out our online consignment form or contact us directly to schedule a valuation. Our team will guide you through the selling at auction process.

What factors contribute to the valuation of books at London Auctions?

The valuation of books considers factors such as rarity, condition, provenance, and market demand.

Are there specific genres or authors that tend to perform well at auction?

Various genres and authors can perform well, including rare first editions, illustrated books, and classics.

Can I consign individual books or entire collections?

You have the flexibility to consign either individual books or entire collections, depending on your preferences. Our team works with you to create an auction plan that suits your needs as a vendor.

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