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Welcome to the London Auctions Ceramics & Glass Department

At London Auctions we sell Ceramics & Glass every month. From highly sought after pieces by Troika, Baccarat, Moorcroft and Lalique to more common pieces by Murano, Royal Doulton & Wedgwood. If you are an avid collector of glass & ceramics, we guarantee that London Auctions is for you.

For vendors looking to sell a collection of glass or ceramic or just a few select individual pieces London Auctions offers the perfect method of sale. Our valuation team offers fast and free estimates via email or in person at one of our valuation days. We can ensure that your prized ceramics & glass achieve a fair price at auction.  Our knowledge of market trends and database of previously realised prices mean that our valuations are an accurate representation of what your collectables would sell for in an auction environment.

What sort of Ceramics & Glass Sell well at London Auctions?

Top sellers in the Glass and Ceramics Department Include:

  1. Antique Porcelain: High-quality porcelain from well-known makers or desirable periods such as Meissen, Sevres, or Antique Chinese porcelain.
  2. Vintage Glassware: Collectible glassware from mid-century periods, such as Depression glass, Murano glass, or Carnival glass.
  3. Studio Pottery: One-of-a-kind pottery pieces created by individual artists or in small studios can be highly collectible. The emphasis is often on craftsmanship and artistic expression.
  4. Ceramic Figurines: Decorative ceramic figurines, especially those produced by reputable manufacturers like Lladro or Royal Doulton.
  5. Ceramic and Glass Sculptures: Sculptures made from ceramics or glass by notable artists can be valuable.
  6. Historical Glass: Glass items with historical significance, such as stained glass windows or glassware from specific historical events.
  7. Dinnerware Sets: Vintage or antique dinnerware sets from well-known manufacturers.
  8. Art Glass: Handcrafted and artistic glass pieces, especially those created by renowned glass artists.
  9. Ceramic Tiles: Decorative ceramic tiles
  10. Glass Paperweights: Collectible glass paperweights especially those by top end makers such a Baccarat

Antiques that regularly attract attention and perform well at our auctions include:

If you’re considering consigning your antiques for auction, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our competitive commission rates cover everything from cataloguing to marketing, ensuring your items receive maximum exposure.


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What types of ceramics and glass items does London Auctions accept for auction?

London Auctions welcomes a variety of ceramics and glass items, including antique porcelain, art pottery, vintage glassware, studio pottery, ceramic figurines, glass sculptures, and more. Contact us to discuss your specific pieces.

How do I consign my ceramics or glass items to a London Auctions sale?

Consigning your ceramics or glass items is straightforward. Fill out our online contact us form or reach out over the phone to schedule an appointment Our team will guide you through the process.

What factors contribute to the valuation of ceramics and glass items?

The valuation of ceramics and glass items is influenced by factors such as rarity, condition, historical significance, and provenance.

Are there specific ceramics and glass items that tend to perform well at auction?

Certain items, such as antique porcelain, studio pottery and pieces by desirable factories and makers often perform well at auction.

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