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London Auctions offers the perfect solution for selling art in London and Surrey. Whether you are downsizing, changing tastes or have inherited a collection of art which you wish to sell. We regularly deal with art works with values ranging from £50 to £5000 and upwards.

Our valuation team is able to offer fast and free estimates via email or in person at one of our regular valuation days.  Our team is experienced and can use accurate market trends and knowledge to estimate the potential value of your art to be sold at auction. For a free estimate and initial advice contact us today.

What factors contribute to the valuation of art at London Auctions?
The value of a piece of art depends on many factors including:
1. Artist Reputation:
Renowned artists with established careers and a strong market presence often command higher prices for their works.
2. Provenance:
The documented history of ownership, exhibition history, and authenticity of an artwork can significantly impact its value.
3. Artistic Style and Period:
Different art movements and periods can have varying levels of demand and popularity, influencing the value of artworks associated with them.
4. Medium and Materials:
The materials used, whether it’s oil on canvas, mixed media, or sculpture materials, can affect the perceived value of an artwork.
5. Condition:
The overall condition of the artwork, including any restoration or damage, can influence its value. Well-preserved, pristine pieces tend to command higher prices.
6. Size and Scale:
Larger or more monumental works may have higher production costs initially however they can be more difficult to sell.
7. Subject Matter:
The subject matter and thematic content of the artwork can influence its appeal and market demand.
8. Significance within an Artist’s Oeuvre:
Works that are considered pivotal or representative within an artist’s body of work may carry added value.
9. Auction Records:
Previous auction results for similar works by the artist provide a benchmark for current market value.
10. Exhibition History:
An artwork that has been featured in prestigious exhibitions or collections may be perceived as having higher cultural or historical significance.
11. Art Market Trends:
Current trends and market demand play a crucial role. Emerging artists, specific styles, or movements may experience increased demand, affecting the value of associated artworks.
12. Public and Critical Reception:
Positive reviews, awards, and critical acclaim can contribute to the perceived value of an artwork.
13. Art Market Conditions:
The overall health and conditions of the art market, influenced by economic factors and cultural trends, can impact the buying and selling climate.
14. Collector Demand:
The level of interest from collectors and institutions can drive competition and affect the final price at auction or in private sales.
15. Cultural and Historical Relevance:
Artworks that have cultural or historical significance may carry added value, especially if they contribute to broader narratives or movements.

What kind of art sells well at London Auctions?

  1. Paintings: Paintings from renowned artists, spanning various styles and periods are always popular at London Auctions.
  2. Sculptures and Statues: Sculptures are highly sought after by art enthusiasts. We regularly sell sculptures and statues from Bronzes to Marbles.
  3. Limited Edition Prints: Limited edition prints offer a great entry route into art collecting.
  4. Contemporary Art: Modern and contemporary art is currently extremely sought after by our buyers.
  5. Asian Art: From traditional paintings to ceramics and sculptures, Asian art pieces, rich in cultural heritage, are consistently in demand.
  6. Art Deco and Modernist Pieces: Art Deco and modernist art, characterized by bold designs and geometric shapes, remain popular among collectors of 20th-century art.
  7. Decorative Art: High-quality decorative art items, including vases, glassware, and other ornamental pieces, attract bidders appreciative of craftsmanship.
  8. Emerging Artists: Works by promising emerging artists bring an element of discovery, with collectors often seeking the next rising star in the art world.
  9. Sculptural Furniture: Unique and artistic furniture pieces that blur the lines between functionality and artistry are valued by collectors with an eye for design.
  10. Installation Art: Large-scale and immersive installation artworks that create a unique visual experience captivate audiences looking for impactful pieces.


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What types of art does London Auctions sell at auction?

London Auctions regularly sell art of all forms. From antique oil paintings to modern screenprints. Our valuations team can assist you by offering a free initial estimate on the art you are looking to sell in London & Surrey.

How do I enter art into a London Auctions sale?

Consigning your art is easy. Fill out our online contact form or contact us via telephone to schedule a valuation. Our team will guide you through the selling at auction process.

How much does it cost to sell art at London Auctions?

We charge a flat commission of 18% plus VAT for selling art in our auctions making us one of London & Surreys best options for selling art at auction.

Can I consign individual pieces of art or entire collections?

You have the flexibility to consign either individual artworks or entire collections, depending on your preferences. Our team works with you to create a plan which suits your needs.

How can I buy antiques at London Auctions?

Click the bid now icon in the top right-hand corner of our website in order to register and bid on upcoming & current auctions.

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